Waxing Services Matthews, NC

Please be informed that when you shaved, trimmed, or did Nair, your hair does not expect it to be smooth when you get the first couple of waxes. It will be stubbly since your hair is not on the same cycle.

The three phases of the hair growth cycle are anagen, catagen, and telogen. When you shave, Nair, or trim, it only "cuts" the hair on the top of the skin. Your hair loses the cycle of hair growth and grows in different sizes. So, it will take 2 to 3 waxes treatments, more or less, to make the hair thinner and the skin smoother.

Shave, trim, or Nair also makes your hair thicker. I like to explain this way: When your hair on the head gets thin and damaged, you have to get your hair cut, right?

Body hair is the same way; all those three-way listed above only cut your hair on the surface of your skin, making your hair grow thicker and thicker. That's the reason your first wax will be more painful than the other ones after it because the ticker hair is more difficult to pull out.

We suggest no shaving, trimming, or using Nair between waxing so that the procedure will be a lot easier and less painful. The wax has to be two weeks after shaving, trimming, or Nair, so the hair will be ready to get waxed with less irritation.

Shaving, trimming, or Nair in between waxes will restart the process all over again!