Sugaring Services

Difference between sugaring and waxing

Waxing and sugaring are often grouped together because both techniques
lift hair from the root and have a longer effect on the skin than shaving.
However, they're two very different techniques.

Waxing, hard and soft wax are used to remove your hair in the opposite
direction of your follicle's growth pattern. The opposite happens with
sugaring, where the hair is pulled in the natural direction of your follicle's
growth pattern.

Wax also tends to be hotter than sugaring, which sugaring is normally room
temperature. Sugaring paste is made with a simple mixture of lemon, water, and sugar.
The ingredients are heated together to form a candy-like consistency and applied in this form to the skin.

Sugaring Services prices

  • Brazilian Sugaring $60
  • Bikini Sugaring $50
  • Underarms Sugaring $25

Hybrid Services ( It's a mixture of services done with sugaring on underarms and Brazilian/Bikini
area and soft wax on legs or half legs) :
  • Full Body Special (Hybrid): $105
  • Sweet Honey Special (Hybrid): $90

  • We are offering Sugaring Services only for females!